AMT-5 Public Address Speaker

The AMT-5 PAS is a speaker with a built-in 6 Watt RMS class D amplifier, DSP processor and ambient noise sensor.

The unit is dynamically configured, and includes background sound level monitoring to adjust the amplifier volume set point according to the ambient noise. It regularly verifies that it is in communication with at least one controlling node (CN) and modifies the status LED information accordingly. The unit listens for information and commands from a CN. To make announcements over a set of PA speakers, a CN reserves all the speakers belonging to the required audio group and then streams the audio on the network. The speaker plays the multicast audio stream that has the ID that was assigned by the CN.

The units have several methods of verifying proper operation through a self-test function and dynamically after each announcement. The self-test audio function consisting of a tone emitted by the speaker and reception verified through the microphone. The dynamic test function works whenever the speaker is operated. When playing audio, the noise-sensing microphone is used to verify that the speaker’s operation and a success/failure status is sent back to a CN at the completion of every announcement.

Each AMT-5 unit has one LED on the front that is used to provide a visual indication of the operational status of the unit. The brightness of the status LED on the speakers is configurable with 3 brightness steps and can be turned on or off through software command.

Each AMT-5 has self-test diagnostic software built into its firmware. The self-test software operates at several levels. When instructed by the control unit (VCCU or CN), a self-test diagnostic tone is emitted by the speaker and received by the microphone. The results of the test are sent back to the control unit that initiated the test and also reported to any other control unit that requests for a speaker status. If the unit did not pass the test, the LED on the unit is turned off to indicate the fault condition. A second level of diagnostic operates to set the LED indication if the unit detects a loss in communications with all control nodes. In addition, the noise-sensing microphone monitors the speaker’s operation every time an announcement is made and the speaker/amplifier health status is made available to the controlling nodes.

The status of each of the two power supply lines is monitored and made available to the controlling nodes.

AMT-5 PAS technical specifications:

Specifications AMT5-PA-V2
Height 75 mm
Diameter 120 mm
Enclosure IP54 Steel
Weight 930g

Input Voltage 24V DC
Protection Over/under voltage
Wrong polarity
Short circuit
Two independent PSU input lines available

Power Output 6W RMS
Amplifier Class D
Frequency Response 100 Hz – 15 kHz
Streaming audio input 8 kHz or 16 kHz sample rate, PCM or G.711
Volume Control Set independently on each speaker by control unit. Automatically compensated for background noise by the speaker.

Physical Standard CAN 2.0B
Connector Male DB9 Sub or M12

Temperature -25º C to 70º C
Humidity 5% - 95%