AMT-5 Emergency Call Box

The AMT-5 Emergency Call Box (AMT5-ECB) is a hands-free emergency intercom device that connects and integrates to the AMT-5 CAN network. When not used for making calls, it can form part of a speaker network and behaves in the same way as a powered speaker (AMT-5 PAS) with integrated ambient noise sensor.

Calls are managed by one or more controlling nodes on the CAN network. Calls can be initiated by a controlling node or initiated by operating the push button on the front of the ECB. In the push button case the call is managed by a controlling node, with a mechanism for handing over call setup should a controlling node fail during the call setup process.

Controlling nodes can route the call to another AMT-5 device or through a gateway device to an external system including Tetra radio or a VoIP phone.

The ECB has the same self-test functions as the AMT-5 PAS speakers. A health LED is lit while the ECB unit is operational. It is extinguished when a fault is detected.

AMT5-ECB-A technical specifications:

Specifications AMT5-ECB-A
Physical – main body1
Height 170 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 55 mm
Enclosure IP54 Steel
Weight 1.9 kg

Physical – Face Plate2
Height 260 mm
Width 140 mm

Input Voltage 24V DC
Protection Over/under voltage
Wrong polarity
Short Circuit
Two independent PSU input lines available

Power Output 6W RMS
Amplifier Class D
Frequency Response 100 Hz – 15 kHz
Streaming Audio input 8 kHz PCM
8 kHz G.711
16 kHz PCM
16 kHz G.711
Volume Control Set by control unit. Automatically compensated for background noise using the integrated microphone.

Physical Standard CAN 2.0B
Connector Male DB9 Sub or M12

Inputs and Outputs
Inputs Integrated Pushbutton
Outputs Status LED

Operating Temperature -25º C to 70º C
Humidity 5% - 95%

  1. The dimensions of the AMT-5 ECB quoted are the standard device measurements. A custom housing can be designed where the standard dimensions are not suitable.↩︎

  2. The AMT-5 ECB mounts on the train’s interior wall and has a steel faceplate with a polycarbonate adhesive decal with surface finish and graphics customized to the customer’s requirements.↩︎